Cricriation Plants

Welcome to Cricriation Plants. This is where I keep a journal about my planting projects and my journey of searching for nature’s treasures 😀

In ‘Kitchen Garden’ you will read about my own vegetable garden Project. Hopefully it will give you some inspiration and ideas of how to plant your own kitchen garden.

In ‘Wild Edible Plants’ section I make notes of what we can find in the wild that we can use for cooking. You should find some practical information about how to find and use the wild plants, and evetually what the risks are.

The page has just started, and I am working hard on bringing you more interesting articles. Just be patient, great updates will come very soon!

Cricri’s Recipes

There are hundreds and thousands of food ingredients, there are thousands and millions of spices and herbs. With the right combinations and a bit of heart, there could be magic.

In the ‘Recipies‘ page you will find interesting recipes that I discover, as well as recipes that I created with my own twists. Recipes are mostly adjusted to less sugar and fat usage. I also try to use as many as possible healthy and fresh ingredients. Feel free to try them out, or you can also book a ‘Dinner Experience‘ with me. If you have some interesting recipes, you are more than welcome to post them and share with us!

I hope everyone can have yummy food that make them happy 🙂