Malta Part 3

Maybe you are looking for something more proper? Don’t worry. Malta also offers a whole range of restaurants which bring you exciting food experience. Like I wrote at the very beginning, Maltese cuisine embraces many features from nearby countries’ food. So finding great pasta or tapas is definitely not a problem in Malta.


If you are interested in trying something traditional, there are 2 things that you should not miss: rabbit and octopus.

Rabbit dishes are popular and has a long history in Malta. There are a couple of methods as for how they are cooked. Because of the nature of the meat, mostly you will find them in the form of stew. Rabbit will be firstly marinated with different spices and wine, then it will be slowly stewed until the meat is tender. Wild fennel is one of the most common plants in Malta, and you will find it a lot in cooking. When you combine rabbit and wild fennel together, I guarantee you that it will spark your palate.

Being an island country surely has its perks. One of them must be fresh octopus. Octopus is also one of locals’ favorite proteins. When you go to beaches, sometimes you will also see people catching them. Maltese people have found different ways of savoring the octopus, including frying, stuffing and stewing. Octopus on itself has already a lot of flavor to offer, and therefore it does not need to be complicated when it comes to cooking it. Have it stewed in tomatoes with olive will give you a fresh and delightful food experience.

There are simply way too many delicious options! Do you want to try all of them but you don’t have much time? Well, I think I have the perfect solution for you: a tasting menu that includes all different local and traditional dishes. In the heart of Valletta, you will find a concept restaurant called Legligin. There you will find their tasting menu introducing you to different tastes of Malta through time. It was a pity that the wine choices do not follow the various dishes, but the owner has a deep cellar and also vase knowledge of  their wine choices. Not to mention the dishes, ranging from proteins on land, to in the water, to from the sky. All you need to do is sit tight, and they will bring on the surprises!




If you are lucky, you will get the treat of their chocolate truffles alone with some private house lime liqueur. Anyway, you won’t regret paying a visit there 🙂

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