Pan fried green beans (ganbian green beans)

Rinse the grean beans, cut away both tips, then cut them in half. (more or less the same sizes). Mince a handful of garlics, some ginger and one chili.


Heat up a frying pan with oil. when the oil is warm, put in the half of the minced things. Stir slightlty and then throw in the green beans. Stir, then distribute them evenly in the pan.


Flip the beans once in a while, grill them until their skin becomes slightly browned like shown in the picture.


Put in the rest of the minced things, together with one crushed dry mini cayenne pepper, one tablespoon of soy sauce and one tea spoon of “olive veggie” (the jar shown below). If you can’t find “olive veggie”, you can also use 1 teaspoon “garlic black bean paste” which you find in most asian markets.


Taste before serving, add salt if necessary.


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