Edible Wild Plants

Nature is mersmerisingly beautiful, and the same time nature is unbelievably strong and smart. Apart from feeding our eyes with colors and shapes, nature is also offering us many delicious food ingredients.

With ‘Edible Wild Plants’ I record my journey of searching for nature’s hidden treasures.

Lady’s smock (cuckoo flower)

Lady’s smock is probably one of the most common flowers that you can see in your garden during spring and early summer. Many of them end up under lawn mowers. But did you know that they are edible, fresh or dry, and you can easily use them as decoration for your food? Lady’s smock belongs […]

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Fiddlehead Fern

Fern is one of the oldest plants which has been around for around 360 million years. They don’t reproduce by seeds, but rather with spores. They don’t have flowers, but their pretty and cleansing leaves make them valuable as ornamental plants. Here we will focus on the Fiddlehead Fern (Matteuccia struthiopteris, also called Ostrich Fern). Fiddlehead ferns […]

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