Wrapping a Dumpling

want to find out how to make turkey dumpling filling, check out Pan-Fried Dumplings

in the video I used wantan skins (store bought), but it works the same also with dumpling skins

– use a flat table spoon of filling (if you are not sure, using less would be better for a start)

– wet the skin sides with clear water, so that the skin become more sticky and easier to wrap

– first fold two opposing corners together so it turns into a triangle; on one side of the dumpling, fold the middle of each side of the skin together with the top corner, press the rest of the skin also close to the middle so that the side is properly closed; repeat the same steps with the other side

– if the filling is trying to escape during the wrapping process, don’t be afraid to poke it back in, as long as you are not too violent, the skins are relatively stretchable

– at the end make sure that the dumpling is properly sealed so that the filling would not come out during cooking

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