Potato salad – upgraded

When the sky is purely blue and the weather is warm and cosy, there is nothing better than a grilling session in the garden. You have your proteins ready, some vegetables too, and now you have your mind on salad. You bought the potato salad from a supermarket, because it goes well together with salty proteins. But then you are not very happy about having the same monotonous salad every time you grill. What can we do here? It’s time to give your potato salad a fancy upgrade!

Get an iceberg salad, slice it. Cut 1 or 2 red chilies also into thin slices. Throw them all into a big mixing bowl with the potato salad. Mix well, if you want, you can also add some extra spice, like cinnamon, cayenne pepper…

Before serving, if you have some grass leek growing in your garden, you can drizzle over some minced leek, and decorate the salad with the lovely purple leek flower.


Other potential ideas:

Cabbage is one low-cost and tasty option. Slice the cabbage thinly, then marinate them in a couple of tea spoons of salt for around 15 minutes. After that, rinse away the salt and squeeze the water out. Use them instead of the iceberg salad.

Dandelions can be a rather interesting alternative. Wherever you find a green area, you will find them. If you have time to pick some, you can use their leaves as salad (in the place of iceberg salad), and their cute yellow flowers as decoration.

Lady’s smock (Engkarse in norwegian) is another lovely choice. They grow almost in any garden. Their sweet pink flowers and pinnate leaves is a good alternative for grass leek and its flower.


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